Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management is a huge part of society in general. No-one wants bad things saying about them, but the fact is, it does happen. So what can you do?

You will be delighted to know that I don’t entrust your name or brand to automated software, as many other similar services do. When you hire me, you are hiring an online specialist consultant with more than 18 years of technical experience knowing what helps websites to rise and fall in the search engines. This translates to a service that can either help build a brand, or bury negative press.

Which service do you need?

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation can speak volumes about you or your brand. From getting a new job, to those damaging social media posts and product reviews, the Internet has made it very easy to get caught in a situation you would rather wasn’t there. This is where I can step in.

Introduction to Online Reputation Management
So what is Online Reputation Management?

This is always the first question I am asked and the answer is surprisingly simple. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the control of information seen about you when searching online. This can be either personal or business related.

You and Your Reputation
The Internet can be a scary place to air dirty laundry!

The frustrating thing here is, that it isn’t you that decides to make this information public. Quite often an unhappy client, customer, partner, friend will say something online and the next thing you know, it is causing you stress, anxiety, worry, loss of sales or simply damaging your brand. This is the World that we live in.

Negative Search Removal
Burying negative search results from prying eyes…

Luckily, all is not lost if something appears in the search results that you would rather is buried forever. With constant testing and advancements in techniques, I am able to push negative results down past page 1, where people generally don’t bother looking. Negative search removal can be imperative if something has turned up in Google, but depending on the results that are being seen, it can also be possible to have them removed entirely!

Proactive Personal & Business Branding
Being proactive to prevent future issues.

Why would you not want to safeguard your name? It makes sense that if something does crawl up from under the carpets, that there is already work in place that will prevent it from hitting page 1 of Google. Talk to me in more detail about possible concerns, or just wanting to protect your name.

Emergency Reputation Fixes
What happens if the World comes crashing down around you?

It does happen – probably more than you would ever really give any thought to! So what would you do if tomorrow a news article from 10 years ago suddenly surfaced? Would you try to deny it? Contest it? Be angry? Be upset? All very common emotions and thoughts, but you sometimes have to take a step back for a moment and think about the implication of your actions.

Get in touch if you have an immediate requirement for some help.

SEO Reputation Management

Just because something may be an issue with a social profile or a brand in turmoil, there is always something that you can do about it. By creating your own ‘bubble’, you create brand protection – whether that is personal or business. When someone searches in Google for your name, you want them to see only the positive. However, this doesn’t mean you should lie, but you can be conservative with the truth in how you achieve this.

Here are a few reputation Management SEO tips to get you started.

Register Domain Names
Domain registration should be the start for any campaign.

Head over to and do a search for your name – personal or business. Check to see if the .com,, .net, .org, etc., are available. If they are, register them. This will mean that you can create websites around your name and because it is your name, it should be fairly easy to get these to rank well in the SERPs.

Create Fake Personas
Sometimes you just don’t want to be associated.

This is generally best for a personal name, but this is often the best way to hide yourself. By creating a fake persona, you are creating a person who effectively will push your name out of the way in favour of them. You might be a mortgage advisor and decide that this new individual is doctor.

The fun begins when start to create a fake life for this persona. You can be as creative as you want at this stage.

Register Social Accounts
Don’t limit yourself. There is more than Facebook at your disposal.

There are literally hundreds of sites where you can register your name and take another piece of the web. Each one of these can become a valuable asset in protecting your name / brand. You will need some activity on them though – rarely can you just register somewhere and it will appear.

Again, this is where it can be fun – if you have created a fake persona, then you can share stories, news, articles, updates, etc., with a whole new set of individuals.

Write Amazing Content
Content is a kill part of any strategy – this is no different.

The thing to remember here is that you are creating content to help push a name or brand, so do think about how this is going to be done. It can be incredibly rewarding when you see your articles start to push the negative out of the way so spend the time here. If you aren’t a born writer, have someone do it for you. The Internet is alive with people all desparately keen to tell your stories for you.

These are just a few hints to get you going but however you decide to do undertake any reputation management yourself, do make a plan and keep a record of every name, idea, login, username, password, D.O.B, social account, etc., that you create. It will save you a lot of time!

How I Can Help You

I have been an SEO for more than 18 years now and know now to get my clients onto the first page of Google every time. Reputation Management is a very similar prospect which just involves additional work for more domains to also get them onto the 1st page of Google.

Drop me a quick e-mail and lets have a chat about how these services could benefit you.